Live Music Videos

Shooting in Flat Nine Studio

What to expect and prepare for

  • 1 hour should be allotted for setup and sound check
  • 3 takes per song, maximum
  • 10 x 12 stage, 120 square ft.
  • 3 camera angles (2 Canon, 1 Sony)
  • 8 available audio inputs
  • Direct audio inputs are also available

Available Gear & Instruments

  • Mics: Ear Trumpet Labs "Myrtle", Rode NT1a, 4 shotgun style condensers
  • 88 Key Weighted Yamaha Keyboard
  • 12" Ampeg Bass Combo
  • Fender Blues Junior Tube Amp
  • Basic drum kit, conga drum, tambourines, shakers
  • Martin HD28V acoustic guitar, with pickup
  • Washburn Electric Bass
  • Gibson ES-125 Electric Guitar

Creative Brief

  • Clothing with tight patterns or small stripes should be avoided
  • No eye contact with cameras
  • Retain several seconds of silence after song(s) ends
  • Camera angles tend to be tight, it is rare that the whole room will be visible in a giving camera angle.

Post production and turn around time

  • A session can typically be turned around in 1 week, unless otherwise noted
  • 1st draft will be presented via private video link
  • 2 rounds of revisions are available if necessary
  • Final video will be 1080p resolution
  • File(s) will be delivered via Dropbox


Flat Nine Studio Sessions & Photos

Animation, in the field, more


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